Pies from Allies 🏳️‍🌈

While for some, the holidays are a time of celebration, love, joy and family--
but it can also be hard for LGBTQ people who are estranged from their families.

We bake for everyone. Starting today, you can now send a pie to either a LGBTQIA in need or someone you personally know. 

Once you order, simply put "for the community", if you would like us to choose someone to send it to. We will email you the contact information of the person you made smile. 

Family, to us, isn't always about blood. Our goal is to connect people this holiday season with even more love and even more pies. 

10% of these sales will go to House of Tulip. We love you. 

**Pies will ship on November 23rd to arrive on Thanksgiving** 

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pies from allies