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Pies From Allies

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pies from allies

Roxy Thompson

  • I came out at 18. I haven't seen my parents since 2013. The holidays are always hard. While I love my friends for always being there, my aunt would always make a pound cake for Thanksgiving and I miss coming home to see her. 2020 hit hardest, I lost her this year to the coronavirus. 


  • Holidays are so hard for me, because my family dynamic is toxic and bad and no one accepts me. Thank you for doing this. This is so nice of you. 


H. Ren

  • My mom basically told me that if I was bisexual, then I'd have to leave my home. So I'm saving up to move out before I work the courage to maybe come out to them. I always knew they were homophobic but that kinda was just... an eye opener that I pretty much just need to leave. I really appreciate this. 


  • Thank you. This is so sweet. 


  • I can never go back to my family as a trans woman. I would give anything to have my mother hold me the night I was beaten my two men on the streets. I would give anything. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the hardest for me. We deserve better.